I have been carrying around my Vauva Diaper Bag (Pronounced Va-Va) everywhere for about 7 weeks, and I mean everywhere, and its been holding up like a champ!
I’d like to share my honest review on the Vauva and how it fits my lifestyle, maybe you’ll decide that this bag might just be for you too!

Mom Casual

We’ve taken it everywhere!

  • The park – where I use it to keep snacks, extra clothes, drinks
  • To run errands – where it gets squished underneath toys and feet, keeps our receipts, and holds our IDs in a special little pocket
  • To the beach – where it holds our sunscreen, more and more snacks, hats and has been left in the sand while we played with the waves
  • The store, where its been stuffed with items we didn’t plan on buying, but just had to have… you know how it goes.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
The Vauva laying on the grass STUFFED! Packed full of toys, snacks and baby food for little River.
There are pockets for everything you need, there’s even an extra pocket in the back thats for an iPad. We usually don’t take our iPad with us, so I keep the changing pad ( it comes with a changing pad of the same color!) in there instead 🙂 along with 3-4 diapers. I can still fit his wipes, extra clothes, some books, and even drinks for myself, my makeup, my IDs, and snacks. It fits EVERYTHING YOU NEED. It’s a minimalist diaper bag back pack, so it keeps you from over flowing and over packing.

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset
Beach Beige by the beach.
The first three months as a new mom I felt like I had to pack up the WHOLE house to make sure my little one was accommodated. By the end of the third month I realized that sometimes LESS is MORE. The Vauva Backpack has the right amount of pockets that you would normally need, plus extra room to pack clothes, or toys. If I did decide that I had to over pack, I wouldn’t be too worried about the extra weight wearing or tearing at the bag because right now Vauva has a backpack being held up in a tree with about 80 lbs weight, its been up there for about three months! It’s still holding up pretty well, only some parts have come undone, like the zipper, but its survived Utah’s rain and snow! They’ve been documenting it on their Instagram, check it out!

Took The Vauva on a spring hike up by the beach. (:
I do not mistreat my bag, and I don’t go to the extreme to test out its resistance.. But mom life can be tough. Yesterday my husband, son, and I went to the park to take a walk and play with River on the swings, I left my Vauva backpack in the back space of our car. When it was time to leave my husband placed our dirty stroller on top of my pack! No joke, that thing is still in great condition! The mud, dirt and baby food are SO easy to clean up, and the bag kept its shape after being squished for a couple of hours. It’s still like new. Even after all the crazy things its been through with me it’s still doing great haha, so imagine if you’re someone who is 100% mindful of your belongings, it can last you a very long time!
In the future, as River gets older and requires me to carry less, I can see myself packing this beautiful bag up with travel essentials, passports, extra clothes and gear for camping or hiking, MREs, drinks. It would even make a beautiful backpack for a photographer. 🙂 In fact, in the future I will type up a quick post to show you girls different ways to back the bag!

Love to say it, Vauva you have made a beautiful, durable, classy and easy to clean diaper back pack for the minimalist mother.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset
Beach Beige by the Beach

Me and Vauva teamed up to give my followers 20% off! Type in the Code: MUSE at check out! This code is only active until Mothers Day and cannot be combined with any other discount. So ladies, tag your men and tell them you want Vauva! 🙂 Go to and check them out!




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