Someday, My House Will Be Clean, But Not Today

I remember when River was born, everyone would always tell me, “Dont worry about the mess, it can wait. Your baby needs you right now, just rest.” 10 months later and I wish this was still the case. I have been dreaming of the day where we can just spend one day cleaning and minimalizing to the extreme. When that time comes around you find yourself busy.. hanging out as a family, watching a great movie playing with the little one,  all of a sudden its okay to put it off to another time. Currently, I have one laundry basket of dirty clothes, and two laundry baskets of clean clothes, oh did I forget to mention that at least 10 pairs of socks have gone missing? That’s normal thought right? But wait, it’s not just socks, some shirts are missing too. And can someone please explain how I wash the dishes every night ( all by hand ) and some how before the day ends there’s a fresh new batch of dishes in the sink with my name on it. I’m going to keep it real and say that there might be a dirty diaper or two at the changing table, (peed, not pooped because that’d be gross!) Why I havent put a trash can by the changing table is beyond me! I’ll add that to my endless to-do list.

So many times I’ve wanted to minimize our belongings. Just throw away everything that isn’t useful or meaningful, burn the extra mail we for some reason decide to keep, donate clothes and size it WAY DOWN. If me and my husband would agree to set up a day to throw out everything that we don’t utilize at least once a week we would be so stress free. Less is more. But at the end of the day he gets home and is tired from a long day, and I’m tired from momming all day that we just want to RELAX. And weekends? Weekends are for more relaxing, and fun, and going out.

When the house needs my attention and my mind starts urging me to drink up some coffee and just tackle as much as I can during Rivers 30 minute nap, I unwillingly start vividly imagining how great it would be to take a vacation to the desert, build a yurt and stay there a year. Become friends with the lizards and birds, dance in the moonlight every night and maybe even catch a glimpse of an epic cacti flower bloom in action. That would be so great. And yes, my husband is there with me living the death valley dream, he’s the one that builds me the yurt haha 🙂 ahh that would be so delightful, right?

But by the time my day dreaming is up, so is River. He’s such an active baby, crawling, talking and even taking 5-10 steps these days that I don’t want to miss a thing. I’m currently writing this at 6 AM because once he’s up, he’s up and at it! He amazes me everyday and needs my attention and encouragement so that he grows up to be a wonderful, confident young man. The house can wait a little longer, meanwhile; we will rest from a crazy day of work, we will love, hang out as a family, and we will go to the park and play with our son, because we wont get these days back. These days are golden.

Have a great day readers, remember to seize the day and shun the dirty kitchen every once in a while.

(P.S, Right now I am currently watching s07e16 of The Walking Dead, eating cut up fruit and finishing this post up. Thankfully, the mess has been at bay lately. 🙂 yay! )

-Alexandra Hallsey


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