Save Our Wild

Good Morning and Happy Earth Day readers!

I wanted to type up this post real quick in honor of Earth Day.

There are two types of people in this world when it comes to the care of our planet.

  • Type A. People who usually give a flying duck about throwing their wrapper out the car window, the type to carve their names at a national park or land mark, and the type to go to a park throw a giant party and leave the trash for the city to clean up.
  • And Type B who care to be volunteers to clean, plants trees, tries to make this world a better place, and those that are mindful of their own trash and where it goes.

In 2015, when me and Jake took our Utah road trip, we stopped at Arches Natl Park, camped in Moab and Dixie Natl Park, Goblin Valley and hiked Little Wild Horse Canyon. One thing that caught my eye about these places, aside their stunning views, were the “Leave No Trace” signs at all these locations. People are tagging their names and who knows what else into these amazing red rocks and canyons! šŸ˜¦

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t like to see National parks tagged or carved up with names of people that I dont even care to know. I also dont dig the trash people feel they are entitled to leave at the parks. Damn laziness. If I’m ever at a park or camp out and for whatever reason I can’t find a trash bin near me, I hold on to my trash until I do. I resist the urge to carve “LeksaLou + Hallsey = LOVE” in a national, state, or city park; for one I’m not a child anymore, and two I want to keep things natural. Why do they do it?? To be cool? To feel rebellious? I dont know, and I dont like it. Our country’s parks are not canvases for their amature street “art”. I feel like these places are a time portal to the past because they’ve survived this long without being modernized and its important to keep that feel flowing for our future generations by keeping them beautiful and wild.

And let me tell you why I don’t mind paying 30+ dollars to enter a national or state park.
These fees and taxes go towards enhancing and protecting our parks. The entrance fees and taxes covers the cost of vandalism and reconstruction of the park. Thanks to these fees we will have the grizzlies, elk, buffalo, canyons, mountains, and geysers there for you, but also your great-grandchildren and their children. That money will LITERALLY be there to PAVE THE ROAD so that we and future generations can get there safely.

I have chosen to give a shout out to six shops, who sell awesome gear for camping and adventuring.They also give back to our planet with every purchase made! We only get one Earth, we should treat it well! Our children will inherit this planet and its our job to start helping to keep it wild and beautiful.

Their Instagram is tagged to their name if you want to check them out! I also added a little quote from their bio on IG. šŸ™‚

Hammocks Need Trees-Two trees planted per hammock sold! šŸ™‚ Nice! “Hammocks need two trees to hang from, that’s why we plant 2 for every one sold”

Tentsile – Three trees planted for every tent sold!! “Reconnect to Nature”. YES.

United By Blue – With each product sold they Pick up ONE POUND OF TRASH from the oceans and waterways. Love this so much! “Join the Blue Movement”!

Elevate Hammock Company– Plants two trees with every purchase. ” A clear, inspiring view of the future can be seen from the folds of a hammock” LOVE THIS bio!!

Lets Keep It Wild– 10 % gets donated to host wilderness cleanups and 100% of their Keep Earth Wild Stickers get donated to LNT Center!


Little River Company – For each hammock purchased a tree gets planted! “A lifestyle brand for the adventurer in you”


You guys need to check these stores out!

Have a great Earth Day!
-Alexandra Hallsey

P.s this post is not sponsored by any of the shops.


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