Turn Your Pictures Into Photobooks With Chatbooks!

Does anyone know exactly how much time goes into scrapbooking? If you have children, that time doubles! I wanted to take up scrapbooking as a hobby when I was pregnant with River and that didn’t really go as planned. I planned on scrapbooking my pregnancy journey, me and my husbands 2015 road trip, and my sons first year. I just didn’t have enough time. I started thinking about all the books and stickers I needed, and deciding what pictures I wanted (I have over 7,000 pictures on my laptop) and then thought about heading to Walgreen’s to print them up; time and money started adding up. Then I stumbled upon Chatbooks on Instagram and decided to make my first one, after that I was HOOKED! It was so easy to make one, very inexpensive (8 dollars) and you can even add FREE shipping!

I’m pretty sure everyone in my family knows how obsessed I am with Chatbooks by now, I’ve been encouraging everyone to check them out and make one. The creators of Chatbooks developed an easy way to put all your memories from your phone, Instagram, Facebook or computer on to these cute, great quality 6″ x 6″ photo books. I’ve made about 7 Chatbooks with 3 more that are about to go to print soon. 🙂

Here are the basics:

Chatbooks is for EVERYONE!

  • The busy mom – as soon as baby takes a nap, or falls asleep for the night, whip out your phone and pick a photo a day or two that you took of your little one that day, quick and easy! You’ll have a photo book ready in no time without even have given it much effort
  • The PREGNANT mom or mom-to-be – Track your pregnancy all in one book!! I wish I would have thought of this when I was pregnant with River, but in my defence, I didn’t find out about Chatbooks until after I had him.
  • The tattoo artist – Need a portfolio to show off awesome artwork you’ve tattooed on your customers? Chatbooks’s got your back!
  • The Chef/Food Enthusiast – Chatbooks lets you create a whole page just for text, so you can have a picture of what you’ve cooked up on one page and the recipe on the next.
  • The Traveler – Capture and save your wildest (or tamest) adventures to the forest, desert, or ocean all in one book.
  • The Highschool or Collage Student – You don’t want to forget these years of school, the good and the bad is all worth remembering, you can make a “Highschool Daze” Chatbook, that’s my next one 😉 .

Get more ideas and suggestions on their Pinterest and Instagram

How to use it:

  • Simply download the app to your Android or iPhone.
  • You can use Chatbooks from your phone or computer, it can synch to your Camera Roll, Instagram, Favorite Pictures or Facebook.
  • After you have chosen your pictures, you can re-arrange them, caption them, and add the date and location. If you don’t want to do any of that you can order as is!

You can find more in-depth ways to use and put together your Chatbooks on their Instagram or Facebook.

The subscription book (this book holds 60 pages and renews every time 60 images are added to your Chatbook photo album) is only 8 dollars! There is also a Custom Book, (this book starts off with 60 pages for 12 dollars, but with 1 dollar you can add 6 more pages, it hold up to 366 pages) and high quality prints on archival print paper (25 for 8 dollars) 🙂 You can have free shipping, or pay just a few bucks more for faster delivery.

P.s Both books can be upgraded to Hardcovers.
Chatbooks paired with Vauva 🙂

Extras Info About Chatbooks

Vanessa and Nate Quigley are the masterminds behind Chatbooks! They moved from Florida back to Utah to start their business. I believe that buisness is booming in this beautiful state! I saw it with my own eyes on our 2016 road trip there. Company buildings EVERYWHERE, of places I’ve never heard of. A lot of my favorite small shops are from Utah, inspiring me to start our small candle shop there in hopes that we catch the Utah buisness bug 🙂 . The Quigleys wanted to create an easy and fun way to share life’s beautiful memories. They did a killer job!

Im hosting a GIVEAWAY right now on my Instagram – Our Wild Muse , if you havent checked it out yet, head on over there! One lucky winner will win Chatbooks Credits towards their own photo book or prints. This giveaway will run through this weekend until Monday night!


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