thursday’s thoughts

Life. Ain’t it grand?

So full of mystery and enchantment (if you know where to look).

There’s no time for negativity,  no time for revenge, or sabotage. JUST LOVE.

I try so hard to shower the people that I care about the most with love.

My little family is my world.

This life would be a plain planet without them. They give me so much strength and in return I try so hard to give back as much as I can. I’ll do everything humanly possible for them.

Sometimes I mess shit up, for example; I put my husbands wallet into the wash today. Yeah.. rookie mistake. I always try my best to check pockets and he always takes his wallet out before setting his pants in the dirty pile. But of course we would both slip up on the same day!

Sometimes I get it right.. for example, getting River to eat all his breakfast, lunch and dinner, as a results his belly is super full and he naps three times through out he day for 1.5 hours leading to a productive day where I get to wash the dishes and clean a little.

I seem to bask in the failure of a shitty day longer than I do on a good day.

Why is that?

Is it because if it’s a good day you just don’t tend to give it as much thought, whereas on a bad day you just relive the idiot-ness you created over and over because you felt like you could have tried a little bit harder to be a more responsible adult.

Any good ideas on how to sharpen the brain?

Read more books? Cranium? Vitamins?

Seriously, email me some answers!

Blogger Ana with BlueBirdKisses told me that baby brain never goes away. If that’s true then I’m just screwed for life haha.

For goodness sakes people! I mean, I actually thought Mother’s Day was Wednesday the 10th ( in my defense it was, but in Mexico) and I went on and told EVERYONE I knew to have a happy Mother’s Day ūüėĎ

Maybe what I need is the outdoors again. Im planning a getaway early or mid June. Week long vacation. Yaaas. Just our little family and the wild. Maybe my mind needs to unwind while basking in the glorious forest.

I try not to be so hard on myself, cause sometimes I am a clutz, a little disorganized, and forgetful. But I’d loose my mind trying to get everything so perfect and flawless.

I believe that I am a decent human, and a great mother & wife, but I’m still living and leaning. I need to take a moment, sit, relax and acknowledge that I try to do my best. Every. Damn. Day

Ah, enough of this. Good night readers.
Ps.. I must have written “I Try” about a thousand times.
Alexandra Hallsey


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