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Here’s The Deal

At the moment I am working on three outdoor projects. Through out my day I’m usually exposed to dirt, sun and all other types of elements, my skin has had enough! I’ve been using Neutrogena grape fruit face wash, but I’m guessing this might be too harsh on my skin because I seem to break out the day after I use it and I’m left with really dry skin. I also use; Neutrogena blemish control foundation, some mineral type blush, the fat blue Mega Plush mascara, and Burts Bees lip tint (plum & fig). My main break outs are on my cheeks, so it could be either the face wash, blush and/or foundation. I’ve started my transition from big brand makeup products to more organic and natural skin care goods. Im not a huge make up enthusiast, I don’t do contouring, I don’t do crazy eyeshadow colors; my make up is usually light and minimal. I’ve used well known facial creams, face washes and moisturizer products, but my skin just doesn’t like all that flashy stuff!

River Organics to the Rescue!

There are some really cool people at River Organics who actually want to help me out! Thank the stars!! ūüôā I am patiently waiting for my package from them. Their products are made up of entirely organic ingredients, and made in small batches, WHICH I LOVE!! It makes every product a little more personal when you know a person (not machine) actually took the time to hand craft and pour these products.

Waiting Game

While I patiently await my package, filled with goodies,  I will let my skin take a breather, rest, detoxify, and re-balance from all the make up that I use.

Glamorize With Grace

I keep it pretty simple when using make up;

  • Coconut oil
  • Liquid Foundation
  • Mascara
  • Light Blush
  • Natural Lipstick/Tinted Lip Balm

And maybe some liquid eye liner and brow-shadow if I’m feeling extra G-Unit that day.

I wash my face before bed as much as any normal human being does, but I am a mother to a wild one year old so sometimes I might forget. I’m ready to establish a new routine and trade in all the current brands of make up I use, for some plant-based products, made with real organic products, by real organic people!


I am currently on the search for handcrafted, botanical, and/or organic skin care products!! If any one has any beauty suggestions, like vitamins that help skin, natural products you’ve used, tips and tricks for l√© flawless skin, email me at

merci les lecteurs!

Excuse my French, I mean..

Thanks readers!

Also, what’s that black charcoal stuff I’ve seen people out all over their face, and where can I get some? Does it work? ūüė≥

Alexandra Hallsey


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