family day trip | Calaveras County

We’ve had such an intense heat wave here in the Central Valley of California. Temperatures rose up to 114f degrees!! It felt like hell out here; bad moods, sweaty bodies, we basically lived by the water hose during those hot days. 😳 It got pretty bad! We decided we didn’t want to stay another weekend here so we packed up the car and took off to the mountains!

A while back I went to a local herb and candle shop by our house to smell the white sage smudge sticks and check out their crystal and essential oils inventory. A friendly lady came up to me as I was looking at the polished shiny crystals and asked if I was into the raw stones straight from the mines, I said “YES! Do you sell any of those?” And she said no, but that I should check out an old shop, in Angels Camp, where they sell polished, tumble stones and crystals. She couldn’t remember the name but once I got home I did some research and found a shop that sell ONLY stones and crystals, so I started planning a trip out to that town and around the area 🙂

Our First Stop: Stories in Stones

Our first stop was to Stories in Stones! An amazing shop dedicated to selling crystals and stones from all around the WORLD! Why couldn’t I found this place sooner? My mother in law came to town last month and she would have LOVED this place! She probably would have bought half the place if she could! 🙂 I know I would too if I could!
I’ve had such an obsession with healing stones and crystals for quite some time now, I love their history, I’m intrigued by healing properties and I admire their raw natural beauty.
My favorite stones are

  • Rose Quartz for its ability to open the heart to ALL types of love. It great to have when meditating and reciting positive self love affirmations and it also helps the self-esteem. Perfect for new mothers who struggle to love themselves as their new bodies start to change and adjust to their new little one. This beautiful stone gives off positive vibes of self love, I got myself two.

  • Amethyst. I love this crystal for its ability to provide its handler with inner strength and mostly, clarity of the mind! I’ve always felt that I’ve been able to read others pretty well, especially when it comes to their feeling or intentions, but I lately my mind has been in a cloudy haze and I haven’t been able to empathize the way I use to. I received my first amethyst crystal about two weeks ago and Ive already starting to feel an increase in my intuition, my thoughts are calm and I’m more spiritually aware.

Black onyx, citrine, unakite, all types of agate, and clear quartz are also so my top favorites!

If you ever find yourself in the Calaveras County area, I highly suggest you make a quick stop to this shop and explore natures beautiful creations!! Your jaw will drop and you will say “WOW”! The shop is owned by a wife and husband duo and they have been running the shop since the 1970s! I had the pleasure of meeting both of them and they seemed very nice.

Stories in Stones- 1249 S Main St, Angels Camp, CA 95222



Our Second Stop: Town of Murphys

 We were only here for just a couple minutes to get gas, we seem to stop at the right place to get that gas because I found one of the most lovely and unique nurseries I have ever been to! Right next to the fruit market gas station was a garden nursery named Murphys Nursery. It was run by a woman who was watering her plants at the time we showed up. She had the most magical looking nursery I have ever seen! It was beautiful! There was lavender everywhere, the succulents had their own cute space, flowers in full bloom everywhere I turned and the set up was darling! I was in heaven!! 😀

I am in love with being outside in the garden with my little River and figuring out what else I should plant, what succulents I can propagate, and harvesting fruits off our trees, so this place, to me atleast, was an awesome find!

I don’t have a lot of friends who are into the same things that I am into. I’ve always had the spirit of a hippie in my heart and almost no one to share these picturesque locations full of magic, beauty and happiness with! No one that will be as excited as me to stumble upon a rad place like this. No one, except my soul sister, but she’s too far for us to explore together, so I take my little buddy River, his little legs wrapped around my waist, and we explore this sweet location together while papa gets some gas. 😀

Our Last Stop: Big Trees State Park

Big Trees State Park in Calaveras County was so much fun. It is a beautiful picturesque park full of giant trees! I was in awe of it’s beauty. It was a great alternative to Yosemite because there was about 90 percent less people, and the scenery was just as gorgeous! There are many wonderful things to do here at the park; camp, go up to the river, hike, and they even have an amphitheater made out of wood! This place is perfect for kids with its family friendly scenic trails, which were easy and long, they kept our son entertained the whole way. We all had a good time looking at the giant trees and wild life. We spotted many birds, chipmunks, squirrels and a fox!

We came here with one goal in mind, to stand underneath the Pioneer Cabin Tree! Pioneer Cabin tree was a tree that was so gigantic the pioneers back in the 1800s carved it out to become a cabin, hence its name, but unfortunately the tree fell one year ago in 2016 when a big stormed made its way through Calaveras County. Now you can see the remains of the tumbled tree where it once stood.

All in all we had a great day trip in Calaveras County and will be making our way back for sure! Next time we’re at Big Trees State Park we will definitely have spend the night and camp there so that we can drive up to the Stanislaus River, because there’s always room for more adventure!


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