tierra face scrub

I love the organic products small shops are coming up with these days! They’ve got unique blends of all natural organic skin care products. I’ve taken notice in some shops who make their products in small batches of masks, scrubs, essential oil perfumes, cleansers, lip balms and so much more!
I’ve tried River Organic’s roll on facial oil and it’s controlled my breakouts and kept my skin beautifully moisturized! I love Apoterras rose hydrosol toner! I’ve just ordered some lip balm and scented spray from Ebb & Flow, which I’m so excited to try! And next I’ll be ordering some eye lash tinted serum from Olivia’s Organics. šŸ™‚

Because I’m a stay at home mama I don’t have the luxury to buy all the products that catch my eye, I’ve been lucky to have cool shops send me samples to review and I’ve even won some giveaways! So I won’t complain much šŸ™‚
My transition to organic make up and skin care products has been a success!! I’m done with high cost make up brands who put who knows what into their products, but because of the lack of cash flowing into my pocket I’ve decided to experiment a little and make my own face scrub.
I wanted to call this the poo-poo Scrub because of the way it looks, but instead I’ll stick with Tierra Scrub (dirt scrub in Spanish).


I did not list any measurements because I don’t believe it matters šŸ˜³ instead maybe you can read each ingredient’s property and decide how much of each ingredient you want to add based on your own personal skin needs and how much of the scrub you want or need. Just make sure to add enough of the base scrub ingredient ( sugar, green tea, or coffee grounds ).
* before making this make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients, everyone is different and therefore have different skin sensitivity, make sure you test out on a small part on the skin before scrubbing on your body/face *

I used:

  • honey infused with garlic cloves (or you can just use regular honey)
  • sugar (scrub base)
  • coffee grounds
  • jasmine green tea
  • sweet oil with olive

HONEY – HONEY IS AMAZING!! It serves as moisturizer, pore cleanser, acne fighter, scar fader. Honey is a SUPER FOOD!! More information on this lovely thick liquid here.

GARLIC* – Garlic is a natural remedy for blemishes and acne. It has antioxidants that will kill bacteria!! Grab a clove and take the shell off and rub it on your pimple, trust and believe it will help!!

COFFEE GROUNDS – Besides boosting your mood, the caffeine in coffee can improve your skin too! More and more cosmetic companies are starting to add caffeine as an ingredient in their skin care products. It improves elasticity, tightens and brightens skin, reduces cellulite and treats dark under eyes and puffiness!

GREEN TEA – I love green tea so much I’ve been drinking more and more every day, Aside from the benefits to get from drinking it there are also a lot of benefits when used topically. Green tea improves your skin complexion and makes your skin healthy. It helps flush out toxins from the skin, heals blemishes and scars, and reduces inflammation.

SWEET OIL W/ OLIVE – I decided to add this to the scrub because it helps soften the skin and helps with the garlic odor

Just stir it all up! And Scrub gently on your face and/or body. I use this as an exfoliator on my legs, arms and face. Make sure to use it daily, it will expire after 2 weeks.

*The scent of garlic infused honey is strong and extremely.. garlicky scented. Not my style. But the sugar, coffee, and green tea and sweet olive oil were able to mask the tough garlic odor*


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