trust the journey

Wild Child

Sometimes the bad stuff that happens in our life puts us right on the path we need to be on..

In 2008 I graduated high school.. I was a wild child for sure, and not the kind that is out venturing into a forest, bare foot with a flower crown, either.. the type that ditched school, hung out with a like-minded crowd, and got in a lot of trouble. Best, days, of my life. I had a lot of fun. But that free ride was over when I realized adulthood was going to be slightly more different. I took a year off after high school to take a break from sitting behind a desk and by 19 I started college. In 2010 I was a 20-year-old hardworking girl working in scrubs, shooting people up with vaccines of all types, drawing blood and dealing with the sickest of people. I was working 12+ hours, raking in the dough, and I loved it. I had no family yet so I had no problem not having a life and working overtime. It kept me out of trouble too. About 4 years after working hard for this company, they let me go. BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME. Apparently, throwing a co-worker a baby shower and showing up a little late was enough to break the camel’s back.

So that happened, and what did I do?

I got in my car and DROVE, to EVERYWHERE.

For one whole year I drove north and south bound on 101, I drove east and visited the cutest old mining towns, I drove to the beaches, to the deserts and the forests, blasting my music and feeling FREE. Talk about a well needed sabbatical.

Love on the Last Trip

My last trip of that year took me to Ogden, Utah.

I went to visit a friend in Utah, I had been wanting to see her for years and finally decided to go out there while I was on my “adventuring spree”. This is where I met the love of my life. Where we started a whole new adventure. Our paths had crossed once in California and here again in Utah.. We clicked instantly. Little did I know that I had just found my traveling buddy, soul mate and future husband. He’s taken me to some of the most beautiful places I have ever see. To places that could be post cards, he’s taken me on motorcycles rides and road trips that I’ll never forget.


Adding One To The Fam

In mid August of 2015 we were road tripping in southern Utah; Moab, Goblin Valley, and around Saint George. We got home around the end of August and two weeks later we found out I was expecting! I was about 8 weeks, meaning I was carrying our little baby boy, River, in my belly while climbing red rocks and hiking through slot canyons! 🙂

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After The Pregnancy

From then on we have been taking it slow. Because he was our first child, I didn’t know if we should have been taking him to all these new locations that are full of people or taken him camping. For one, I didnt know what I should pack for him, or what I would need, and second, what if he got sick or something happened to him or if he simply didnt like being out?

He’s  almost one year old. Hes walking and talking. He LOVES the outdoors and has a heart for adventure. Hes truly our son. It makes me so excited to show him how wild this world can be.

Baby’s First Adventure

I think for our first big camping trip as a family we will probably go to Yosemite Valley! So many cool things to see there. They have cute little cabins for the family, awesome camp spots and view of the valley is simply amazing!

For now, theres a little reservoir near town we will practice camping at. That way I can jot down exactly what we need for a bigger camp trip, also, if something serious were to happen, we are less than 20 mins from town.

Sure, we wish we could have traveled more often as a couple, but its okay the way things are right now. More than okay, we have a family now and with a little baby its best we learn patience, it will all be worth it once he’s big enough to enjoy the outdoor life with us.

Right now we are getting ready to put together a list of items we need for our first big camp trip with our little River. We want to keep it minimal, packing items that are necessary. We’ve got some cool shops sponsoring our next adventure so stay tuned for a later post on our must-have’s for camping with baby. 🙂


Wrap it up, Alex!

This is the way I see it;

If I hadn’t been let go, I would probably still be working there at that health center.

If I hadnt been let go I wouldn’t have taken my last trip to Utah.

If I hadnt been let go, I would not have this amazing husband and beautiful baby.

I would not have my family.

Its a perfect example of how “Everything Happens For A Reason” type of situation.

I don’t have to venture out alone now, I have two travel buddies to see this world with. I’m so excited for all that’s to come and become of us.

Trust the journey God sends you through readers,

Alexandra Hallsey


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