how to dye fabrics naturally | coffee

Dyeing fabrics with coffee and tea is my new favorite thing to do to my white clothes 😬. It’s natural, safe, easy, non-toxic and inexpensive. Smells good too! 😊Warning: you might end up dying ALL your white clothes. 😬

I failed to read other posts about dyeing with coffee,so I learned by trial and error, which is okay! We learn from our mistakes. 

I’ll go over my mistakes so that you guys don’t do the same.


  • Instant coffee 
  • A pot or tray big enough to fit the fabric your dyeing
  • Water
  • Tongs (or your hands)
  • Some Sun ☀️ 

My first victim… this super cute tote from Sophie & Kate. (I listed some info on them at the end of the post!)


My first mistake was placing the medium sized tote in a small pot filled with coffee and water. I had to squish the tote in there so that it would all fit. When I hung it up to dry it it looked fine, but once it was dried I was left with a wrinkled tote! That’s why I suggest using a tray big enough to fit the whole item without any scrunching.

I honestly didn’t mind the look.. but I wanted it less wrinkled, so I re dyed it again, but this time in a bigger tray!


Ive read some articles that say you should heat up the coffee, but I skipped that step and I still got great results!

First – I filled the tray half way with water.

Second – I added about 4 table spoons (you can more if you want a darker color) of instant coffee.

Third – I resisted adding sugar and drinking it! 

Fourth – I put the tote neatly in the tray and held it down until it was completely covered in the water.

Let the fabric soak in the coffee water for about 30mins to an hour. If you want maximum coloring you can leave it soaking over night. I placed mine directly under some sunshine hoping it would intensify the dye color.

After you’ve let it soak, just hang it up to dry!

Its so simple.

I love the color it came out! And I love that I got all the wrinkles out. 🙂

I’m excited to dye more fabrics with organic foods! 

Check out the difference :

This cute tote is from Sophie & Kate Monograms! I found Elizabeth’s (the owner) shop through Instagram and we paired up to make this awesome tote for me! I simply explained to her how much I love plants and gardening, suggested this phrase, and she made the magic happen! 🙂 check her out on :

She has a lot more products, and great prices!!

Thanks again Elizabeth 🙂

Now go and dye all your white clothes and let me know how it goes 😀

alexandra hallsey