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I want to share three wonderful websites with you today. All three of these websites sell second hand books that are in great condition!

I’ve ordered about 10 books already (I know, ūüėĀ I’ve got a problem) and none of them over 5 bucks!

Before buying a book at the book store or website check these websites out and you may find the one you’re looking for at a cheaper price.

Since discovering these websites I have yet to pay full price for a book. ūüôā I love myself a great bargain.

ThriftBooks¬†and Book Depository¬†are two good ones! They’ve got sales and coupons ¬†every once in a while.

After I ordered a few from ThriftBooks they sent me a coupon code to share ..
HAVE AT IT —->¬†15% OFF!

But my absolute favorite place to get books is at¬†Discover Books! Almost all of their books are under 4 dollars, FREE SHIPPING, and they even sale children books in bundles! I just got myself 5 Dr. Suess books for 7 bucks. ūüėĀ scoooooore!

I’ve got a coupon for them too! –> 15% OFF!!

All these sites have a book for every hobby, every subject and for EVERYONE!

I am so greatful that these websites collect and sale books for a fraction of the cost so that they could be re-read by others. There are so many beloved second hand books in bookstores or websites, like these,  just waiting for the next pair of hands to pick them up and enjoy them once more.

Check them out.

“Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river”


Happy reading!

-alexandra hallsey