the hall of flames | part one

The idea to start The Hall of Flames belongs to my husband, Jake Hall. We had just finished making three dozen candles for our wedding ceremony, they were to be given out as party favors to all our friends and family. Everyone mentioned how great they all turned out and how much they loved our candles. This got us excited and here we are 2 years later wanting to start our small shop!

It was decided that any candles we were going to make we’re going to be natural, organic, and good for the environment. What’s more organic and pure than beeswax?!
I will not be using candle holders so that once the candle is burned out you can just reuse the jar and give it a new purpose. Zero waste. Also, natural dye and scents are a MUST and we will also be packaging and shipping with whatever way is better for the enviroment. 🌿♻️

It’s been a long process trying to get this started; I’ve had to look up where we have local apiaries, how taxes for small shops are handled, and there was plenty of time spent on designing our logo and prototypes for candles our business.

Slowly but surely things are coming together.

My main goal right now is getting good deals with the beekeepers! Today I spoke with Ms. Shiela, co-owner of Burch Bees, and I explained to her my goals for the company; making candles with local raw organic beeswax. She was sweeter than the honey she sells and was willing to help my business!

Around this time of the year beekeepers are extremely busy as bee season starts to slow down. The beekeepers start harvesting the honey and collecting a few hundred pounds of beeswax, and she’s letting me in on the goods! She’s also agreed to give me some pointers on beekeeping. So far I’ve contacted around 12 local apiaries here in Cen Cal and three want to hook me up with the good stuff! Thank goodness for kind people! 🙂

Someday I plan to cut out the middle man and run the show 100%. I will start my own colony and raise bees for both the environment and the company. It’s going to be an exciting journey when that time comes.

Because of this busy time for the beekeepers I am unable to get my hands on beeswax for atleast another month and I’m itching to start crafting. I refused to purchase in store beeswax (its far too processed, and I prefer the local raw beeswax from nearby apiaries) so I decided to try something new..

I am happy to announce that natural soaps will also be featured in our shop (along with some extra’s a surprise)
Our soaps will be natural as possible by cutting out any chemicals and extra additives. They will be colored and scented naturally with herbs, liquid extracts, and Grade A essential oils (preferably Young Living).

The reason I want to take on this extra challenge is for me and my son. River gets bad eczema every once in a while and I want to make him a soothing soap that will help calm his irritated skin (you know I’m using my main flower.. CALENDULA🌼) And for me, well, I’m currently obsessed with clay soaps. We’re talking rose clay soaps, activated charcoal soaps, green tea soaps and many more!

Treat, love and care for yourself! 🙂

There are two reference books I have been aching to have and today I receive them in the mail! These books are going to guide my way through this journey along with the support of my husband. 

I’m so excited to make you guys some handcrafted goodies. I’ve set up an Etsy account if you guys want to check it out, I’ll let everyone know on my Instagram once I start having products on the shop. Thanks for your support everyone!!
-alexandra hallsey