thursday’s thoughts

Sometimes I wonder if I can keep up with my blog.. and sometimes I wonder if I can keep up with my blog, my shop, my home, my wild child.. if I can even keep up with myself.
I remember when going to work at the health center was my most important task of the day. I remember when the only laundry I had were my own clothes and scrubs. When the only mouth to feed was mine. Now I’m trying to juggle all these things at once. Can I do it?

I can do my best! And that’s all that matters.

I try to keep myself thinking like this all the time. I try to stay positive, work hard and keep at it, even when I feel like shutting everything down (blog, shop, my mind).

I couldn’t do it without the support of friends, family, and the countless other mom bosses I’ve met along the way!

Can you believe that there’s people who will scoff at you for trying to multitask in life? “Ugh, she thinks she can do it all, huh?” “Oh look it’s super mom”  😒

To the people who doubt me, and think I’m juggling more than I can handle- that only makes me want to do it all even more!!

Doing things that make me happy and have a passion for make my days happy & yellow! Like sunshine.. on a cloudy day 😂 Do you guys ever feel like that? Doing what I have passion for puts me in an amber mood (relaxed, at ease). I’m sure I get a little twinkle in my eyes! 😉 I love grooving to the beat of life, and if life gets bumpy, I just tone it down. Rest is key for this momma.

Somedays I wish I had more hours in the day. More hours to play with my son, to garden, to laugh. There just aren’t enough hours in one day to get everything done! 

I hate to say this.. but I also wish I had more money. Like… why can’t we all just inherit 25,000 dollars when we turn 25! haha 😂 Don’t get me wrong.. I hate money, I hate what it does to people. It can turn the happiest person mad. But I need it to do the things that I love, buy my supplies, beeswax, lye, etc.. It’s not something I’ll ever want in excess.. but I will always want love in excess. Without love all my gears just wouldn’t tick the same and I wouldn’t have the passion to do the things I love.

I love being a stay at home mama – chasing after my little outside, making tie-dye shirts, candles, soaps, dinner, doing the laundry. I have a passion for helping people and helping them heal. Eventually I will make my way back to my medical career path and become a midwife. 

But for now .. I like kissing booboos a lot more. 🙂

I’m blessed. I get to do what I love surrounded by people that I love. I will never take this life I was given for granted. And I can’t wait what the rest of 2017 has in store for me and my family. 

alexandra hallsey