Hey there, I’m Alexandra Hallsey, the woman behind Our Wild Muse. O W M is named after the daily inspirations that me and my husband receive from our wild child.

Inspired by life’s lessons, natures beauty and the gift of motherhood, I decided to start this blog to share my story, write about all the beautiful (and not so beautiful) things that inspire and charm me throughout my personal life, and help organize my thoughts, whilst helping me become a better writer.

Before our son was born me and my husband equally agreed that I would be staying home as a stay at home mom and give our son all the love and attention a growing boy needs. We have been blessed with this option because not all mamas and dads get to do this. Thanks to my hardworking husband, I’ve also been able to tap into to my creativeness and take up new hobbies – gardening, sculpting, painting, photography and candle making! 🙂 He is so supportive of me and I am of him in whatever we choose to do.

While on the subject of “supporting one another”, I also believe in supporting small and local shops ; Shop small, Shop Locally. I believe in supporting those who believe our wild should be kept clean, protected, and enhanced for our future generations to inherit. Lastly, I believe in supporting other moms who do what they feel is best for their children. We should be empowering each other not judging one another. I’m getting tired of seeing mothers give each other crap for doing things differently. Birth the way you want to birth! Feed your baby the way you feel is responsibly best for you and the baby. Love and cherish your child, you only get to enjoy these years once!

But don’t forget to love and cherish YOURSELF! 

Drink some coffee, plant a tree, be a whole hearted and committed parent, clean a little, shower if you can haha and remember that you are enough!

Sometimes all you need is a scenery change, in that case I would suggest you grab the family, pack up the car and escape to a place where you have no cell phone reception and no wifi! The desert, the forest, the ocean! Your mind will thank you.

Thanks for joining me on this journey and I hope my thoughts are interesting to some and helpful to others.